YouTube’s new initiative and no such video can be seen!

YouTube’s new initiative and no such video can be seen!

YouTube has taken a lot of effort to stop the religious persecution on the Internet. Strict action is being taken against the video that might hurt religious feelings or provoke terrorist activities. It is known that, if any such post is uploaded, it will be removed from YouTube by identifying it. In addition, the agency has shown interest in more closely with the anti-terrorism group. Recently, Google posted the information on the blog post.

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In a blog post, Google said it would take a tough position against a video or video of religious violence promoting terrorism. Although this type of video will be created in accordance with the policy, there will be no scope for earning money as well. Apart from this, no one will be recommended to watch such video.
Google will coordinate more engineers and technologies to identify militant provocative posts. Google’s official Kent Waqar said that working with other organizations have been working to identify and delete posts that have been violating the policy for a long time – but now we have to work more. In addition, Google will work with the anti-terrorism group to identify militant employers. It has been told that they will reach potential IS members using specific online advertisements and they will try to return to the right way by showing their anti-terrorist video.

YouTube’s new initiative and no such video can be seen!

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