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Wifi router harmful for health.

Wifi router harmful for health.

Electromagnetic radiation of the modem is harmful to the human body. Stay away from Bluetooth and WiFi Router, GSM Modem, GPS Enabled Laptop, Desktop, Radio, TV as far as possible.
If you have a connection to a wireless internet router or Wi-Fi, then be aware of it now. Because you are in the midst of terrible electromagnetic radiation (EMF).
Magnetic waves that disperse through router and Wi-Fi antenna also cause harmful effects on your body.
Let’s see below all the effects of WiFi and its harmful effects and its remedies.
Intensity of electromagnetic radiation
From the router or cable modem we get the Internet or other networks that are made from electromagnetic radiation, it can damage our body.The same wave waves that we heat the food with the help of the house are radiated in these wireless router. These waves are usually radiated in low gigayears.
Wi-Fi signal makes health damage

Have you ever wondered what happens when you or your neighbors search Wi-Fi signals? During wave movement, electron magnetic field created around it, from which electron magnetic radiation is produced. Wi-Fi signals penetrate your skin and move to the body. As a result, you are in the risk of skin cancer.
Wi-Fi use is a very harmful for health

We do not stop the Wi-Fi and router connections except for the main reason behind most Wi-Fi and router damage, especially during the night, these waves continue to damage us so that these waves cause harm for us at this time.
Side effects of electromagnetic wave radiation

According to a recent study by the experts, electromagnetic wave radiation leads to various side effects such as a headache, dizziness, short sleep, heart disease and various diseases.Since the waves are used in the router and Wi-Fi towers, strong radiation is produced around these towers. The radiation remains as strong as the antenna and weakens when the distance increases. So to avoid unnecessary router and Wi-Fi networks should be away.
In our current life style, we can not stay away from router and Wi-Fi technology. There is no chance to stay away. But what we can do is:
1. Keep yourself at a safe distance from Wi-Fi and Router Networks.
2. Speeding up the pace of work, that is to quickly get rid of the necessary tasks and move away from the network.
3. Due to electromagnetic wave radiation, public awareness of the body’s side effects and its consequences.
4. Children and pregnant women keep away from electromagnetic waves.

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Wifi router harmful for health.

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