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Wi-Fi radio waves can detect your hand signals.

Wi-Fi radio waves can detect your hand signals.

The control of the hand is no longer impossible. The game of technology has long been out of the game.A University of Washington researcher has created a system that can detect people’s movements using Wi-Fi radio waves.It has been named WiSee or We See. Under the system, a user can be instructed at any distance, using Wi-Fi.
WiSee can detect any fluctuations. Its ability is quite effective despite many rooms, wall thickness. From different places, different signals can be different from the same place.This project requires an algorithm that changes the spectrum and takes a lesson from the modified wave divided into smaller sections. It is much more sensitive and realistic to mention it than other hacked technologies.
WiSee can detect 9 kinds of different signals. 94 percent of the work was able to work properly. The researcher said the system could be controlled by voice or sound later on.They also said that the user will be able to make the signal as his own will, and the signal will also be imitated in his gesture. The most interesting thing is that you do not have to wear something different in your body to run the system.
Wi-Fi devices can be run by a receiver. The wave generated by your door in Wi-Fi will carry the language of a specific signal. Which will command the system to do the specific task?Up to now, it is known that the researcher team successfully used the system for controlling some devices. Various households, including changing TV channels, turning off the TV, avoiding light, have been able to control the simple task.
The research team said that this technology will bring further development. The research has been submitted to the 19th annual international mobile computing and networking conference in September.

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Wi-Fi radio waves can detect your hand signals.

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