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What is Bitcoin and how it works?

What is Bitcoin and how it works?

Bitcoin is basically a type of currency that is operated by software and cryptography. Nobody knows who has discovered Bitcoin. However, the group or group of these BITKENA’s inventors, they operate in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.Bitcoin comes online in the online world in 2008 Bitcoin works according to peer-to-peer transaction system. Bitcoin’s economy is completely open. The general money is governed by the government.Whenever they are needed they make new money. There is nothing like this bitcoin. However, there is a limit on making Bitcoin. Mining will stop automatically after reaching 31 million Bitcoins. If the amount of bitcoin is increased too much, its prices will also decrease.That’s why its arrangement. Bitcoin money can be withdrawn at very low cost. Since Bitcoin uses advanced cryptography, Bitcoin is also known as cryptocarrency.
There are currently 25 million or 2.5 billion Bitcoins in the world, and 5 million Bitcoins have been lifted and the remaining 20 million are waiting for the transaction.Bitcoin Mining is connected to 25 bitkayen networks every ten minutes. Bitcoin prices are increasing almost every day. In 2016, the price of 1 bitcake was only $ 1,000, but by June of 017 it stood at $ 2500.Many experts think that the price could touch $ 5,000 per year this year. Bitcoin has turned into a very popular nowadays. Cambridge University has come out in a research that approximately 2.9 to 5.7 million users are using regular Bitcoin every month.
We use Bitcoin and Units such as unit and money as well as money. Bitcoin unit is Bitcoin, which is called BTC in a nutshell. The smallest form of Bitcoin is Satoshi. 0.00000001 is a bitcoin in Satoshi.
The exchange of bitcoin is a bit complicated. Suppose you have 50 rupees. You gave me that. So, from now on I am the owner of this 50 rupees. Do not keep this money for you anymore. And since there is no proof of this money, you can not claim ownership later on.
When the money is transacted in bitcoin, the data that you give me will keep a data digitally stored on the computer. The problem is here. If I delete this data in some way from the computer, I will not have any proof that the money is mine.

One such incident happened in the case of a person. For some reason his computer’s hard disk was formatted, he lost Bitcoin worth 75 million dollars.
There is one more problem. Because it is digitally saved so many copies of it can be made. Thus, it is impossible to make 10 bitcakes from a bitcoin. To overcome this problem, each bitcane has been given different cryptography and some mathematical numbers.These numbers are tracked and it is understood by Bitcoin. And those who do this tracking are called Bitakayen Miner. Bitcoin is given to them as a reward for their labor.
We reserve money in some particular place. It could be a home or a bank. Bitcoin can be stored in one place. And the place where it is stored is called Bitcoin Address.You have to know the bitcoin address you give to Bitcoin. Then you can exchange bit awake. Again, if you want to purchase a product with Bitcoin, then the seller will send you a specific amount of money in the Bitcoin address.
With Bitcoin, you can do as much as you want. It is heard that Amazon and Alibaba will soon add their products to the website as well as Bitcoin on their website.
But in spite of such advantages, there are some disadvantages of Bitcoin. I have said a while ago because the process is completely digital, so if your BitCoin address or Bitcoin is saved, if it crashes or forgets the password for the wallet, then never lose the lost bite.Besides, every day the cost of Bitcoin is being made. If you buy today’s bitcoin, the price can fall tomorrow. In that case you will face major losses.There are very few real websites that truly pay the money. And you can easily get rid of these money by penny or brash.

But it is a matter of hope that the price of Bitcoin is high. Many of us are now earning online through Bitcoin. There are many websites like Bitcoin earning, but most are a scam.

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What is Bitcoin and how it works?

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