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The way to keep the phone’s battery good

The way to keep the phone’s battery good

The battery is an important part of the phone. If the battery is not properly charged then it can be lost in less time. Each battery has a fixed life span. The amount of battery life depends on phone usage. Many do not know when, how to charge the phone. Also, many of the unknown people should not be charged with any charger or not.


Tips to keep the phone’s battery good

Charged with the phone’s own charger

          If the hobby phone is charged with the charger available with the phone then the battery life increases. Now the phone has a micro USB port for charging. So any charger can be charged on the phone. But if the phone’s own charger is not used during charging, then gradually the ability to hold the battery charge decreases. Because the charger with the phone has a fixed amount of voltage and current rating. Which is made in conjunction with the phone.

When to charge the phone

          Charges should not be charged if the phone is charged above 20 percent. It is not okay to charge the battery charge even if it is zero. Because the battery life in the unnecessary recharge decreases. In that case, at least 5 to 20 percent of the charge is good for the phone charging.

Do not use cheap chargers

          Sometimes the charger for the phone may be lost or lost. In this case, many people buy cheap and notable brand chargers from the market. The phone gets overheated when charging these chargers. It takes more time to charge. And if the problem occurs in the adapter, both the phone and the battery can be damaged. So it is better not to use cheap chargers.

 The whole night is not charge

          Many fell asleep at the phone charging at night. The phone is charged all night. As a result of this, charging is over. Which is not a good thing for the phone. Besides, charging on the phone all night can result in the explosion caused by excessive heating of the battery.

Time to use Power Bank

          The phone should not be used while charging through Power Bank. Because the battery gets hot when charging with power bank. Using the phone at the same time will make it hotter. Which is harmful to the battery.

Battery Applications

          There are many third-party battery optimized apps for the phone. These apps are available in the phone’s background. It costs more on phone charges. The lockscreen app also loads ads. So, you should not use any battery app on the phone.

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