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Top 10 Dream Job-Career in IT | Best Job in Technology Sectors | Top Smart Job in This Year

Top 10 Dream Job-Career in IT | Best Job in Technology Sectors | Top Smart Job in This Year

The new action plan has started with the new year. Some have joined new work, but some are planning to find a job. Simultaneously millions of students are waiting around the world. Employment Significant part of the new workforce is involved in the technology sector. So take a look at the top tech companies that work for the workers. But there are many who are hesitant to many. To overcome this hesitation, the United States career and employment website GlasdorodTom has selected the best-performing companies in 2017.

Glendora has made a list of 10 organizations that can be the best work place of 2017 by conducting a survey of nearly five lakh employees of different technology organizations. The top three social network of the best performing companies Twitter is above all. This report is to inform the best companies in the IT sector. Surprised information is not in the list of company names like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Nokia.

1: Twitter
Social interaction and microblogging site Twitter topped the list of best-performing technology companies in 2017. The US-based company has received 4.6 out of 5 ratings. Last year, the company listed in the capital market last year did not get the list.

2: Linkedin
It’s a professional social networking website. In 2003, the site was originally used by professional people. In the last decade, the number of users registered on this site has increased to 467 million. Those 200 nationals This is the second place in the list of best-performing companies. It’s a rating of 4.6 Last year’s location was the fifth.

3: Facebook
Facebook has topped the popularity of social media. In 2004, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg was one of the best-performing companies. Although it was the top of the previous year, this time it was two behind. The survey has come down to third place after rating 4.5, the company said.

4: Guideshow Software
The software company established in 2002 has surprised everyone by occupying the fifth position with 4.5 rating. Because last year it was not on the list.

5: Interactive Intelligence
The IP telephony company was launched in 1994. It provides services through a call center for IP telephone communication business. Interactive Intelligence has the fifth position as the best organization with 4.3 rating.

6: Google
In 1998 Larry paid and Sergey Brin founded Google. It has become a top company in the tech world of search engine giant. Google’s new technology is shocking to the world. Its position of the rating is 4.3 on the basis of the best functioning institution. Last year the location was third.

7: Orbits Worldwide
Worldwide Online Travel Issues Information Services and Advisory Agency Orbits Worldwide In the 11th position last year, it was ranked as the seventh best place to be a preferred organization for 2017. Rating score 4.3

8: Qualcomm
Microchip maker Qualcomm was ranked 16th last year. But this time its rating score increased to 4.2. It has come up to the eighth position. Qualcomm has recently responded to SmartWatch market. The 64-bit mobile phone manufacturer has a processor.

9: Riverbed Technology
RiverWed Technology, a networking solution provider founded in 2002. Its position with a rating of 4.1 is ninth. But last year it was in second place.


Financial Software Software Company, INTUIT, is at the tenth position with a rating of 4.1. It’s also a surprise to the top of the top ten. Because last year it did not get to the list.



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