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Google’s Top 10 Apps Throughout Last Year

Google’s Top 10 Apps Throughout Last Year

When the apps were talked about Android’s talk came first. The tech giant’s Android is the most widely used operating system for all types of applications, as well as the availability of smart devices. That’s why Google PlayStore has ruled the apps market.

Downloading apps from this store via Android-powered devices every time from everywhere in the world. At the end of the year, Google has released a list of the best apps for the Play Store in terms of demand.

61 of the best apps available in the last year are free and even paid apps. Based on the needs of users of the country, a brief introduction to the popular Play Store app is available.

Lumosity App will work as a guide to increase memory and attention. The app is very useful for the development of a special place in the brain.
By increasing the number of challenges in the app, it can be increased gradually by increasing the score.

Yahoo News Digest
Thousands of events occur in the world every day. He is spreading the news at the news media. But it is difficult to understand what is so important in all the news crowds. So the application is more useful for easy news reading.
It is the second highest ranking list in the world. The app provides users with less than 200 words to reduce any major news. Though it is less time, users will get ideas about the events without reading the whole story.

Sunrise Calendar
You can take a sunrise calendar out of the traditional calendar. There are all the uses, as well as the combination of Google or Facebook’s calendar.

Skype quick
Skype’s new app allows you to send maximum 42 seconds video messages. After sending the video message, the user can delete the user without waiting for two weeks, the video can be deleted.
In addition, the app has video messaging features, Quick Flux. With this, the user can already have 5 seconds of a possible answer to reply to the message.

Mail box
Email can be sent offline through mobile phones to Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook. For this, you can use the ‘Mailbox’ Android app.
With Dropbox Incorporation Productivity, an e-mail can be edited as well as editing.

Swift keyboard
Sometimes it is necessary to send a message reply quickly. And the app is very useful for this. There are dozens of language dictionaries on the keyboard.
Moreover, it can recognize the user’s text message habit. As a result, the next text will understand what will happen.

Google Fit
All the information related to healthcare is quickly informed to the user. This allows users to collect all the health related information. If you want to share another. For this, special options will be available in apps.

The app provides seamless communication with speed and security. Encryption can be used during chatting for security and messages will be automatically deleted.
Chatting conversation in the app will remain on the user’s device instead of the server.

This app will be displayed along with all the news of CNN. There is also the ability to view pictures and video as well as text.
Also CNN’s popular event, Irriff, can be seen using this app.

Child Mood and Time Education
The fun apps for small kids are quite popular. It’s pretty good. With the help of the app, children can learn to play the game as well.

Google’s Top 10 Apps Throughout Last Year

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