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To stop al-Jazeera, Qatar has given 10 days time 4 countries.

To stop al-Jazeera, Qatar has given 10 days time 4 countries.

Four countries in the Middle East gave 13 terms to lift the sanctions imposed after Qatar’s diplomatic relations were lifted. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, the demand for this will not be seen within 10 days.

The news agency Reuters says if the 10 days are over and Qatar does not claim this claim, then this list is considered to be canceled. Some of the claims on this list are not acceptable to Qatar, it is clear from the statement given by the leaders of the country.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani said this week that his country will not accept any foreign directives. Al Jazeera will not discuss anything related to the channel; Because it is an internal matter of the country.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, the country’s most popular Gulf country, gave ten days to Qatar for a 13-point demand, including the closure of Al-Jazeera television broadcasting in the world.

On Friday, June 23, according to the authorities concerned, international news agency Reuters reported.The 13 countries given by the countries include: reducing diplomatic relations with Iran, shutting down Turkey’s military base in Qatar, and others.

It is known that four countries in this 13-point queue to Qatar through Kuwait. If Qatar accepts this 13-point agreement, then the Middle East countries will have relations with Qatar again.He also said that Qatar has no right to dissolve the foreign policy of any other country. He also said that he will not cancel his foreign policy in the words of anyone.

Apart from Turkey’s military bases, other demands, including Saudi Arabia and others; There is no possibility that Qatar will accept them. Turkey has already rejected the demand to stop its military base.The BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner says there are two roads open in front of Qatar. First, accepting these demands and completely surrendering to the Gulf Arab Alliance.

Otherwise, you have to flee from Iran and take shelter in Iran.Turkey has sent foreign food and other necessary assistance to the country after the country’s diplomatic ties with Qatar have begun to dispel diplomatic relations.

Reuters reported that their first ship to take food and chess this week has left for Qatar.

Iran has also announced to remain beside Qatar’s misery.After the ban, Turkey’s customs and trade affairs minister said that the quantity of export has increased three times from Qatar to Turkey. Turkey’s finance minister is quoted as saying that he has sent fifty-five airfare food to Qatar. But the issue of sending supplies on Airways will not be possible for a long time.

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