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To stay the most expensive 21 countries in the world

To stay the most expensive 21 countries in the world

In a new survey of subsidiaries, living abroad has made a list of the most expensive countries in the world on cost of living.
These surveys are based on the cost of products, transportation expenses, bills, restaurants, and housing. Then the infamous costly city used New York as a benchmark to create an index.
New York was given 100 scores. Then on the basis of this criteria, the countries of the world are ranked. If the country’s score is more than 100, then the country is considered to be more expensive. And fewer scores are considered cheap. Then each country’s average score is a list.
Generally, the UK’s average score is 51.03. The country is on the 29 list
The top 21 countries in the list are:

1. Bermuda- 126.34: The Atlantic Ocean’s official taxpayer is officially the most expensive nation in the world. Its capital city Hamilton is the most expensive lonely city on the planet.

2. Switzerland- 90.68: Switzerland is one of the best places in the world for a living. A country famous for infrastructure, healthcare, and clean weather. But the country is Europe’s most expensive country.

3. Hong Kong- 81.93: Hong Kong is notorious for expensiveness. Its apartments are small and expensive at the same time.

4. Iceland- 80.47: The country of origin of isolated and very few fertile land of Europe is largely imported. As a result, the cost of living is much higher.

5. Singapore- 76.57: One Piece Bike Price of 850 rupees in the country.

6. Norway- 74.47: Scandinavian countries are notoriously expensive. Norway is no exception. The average monthly rental of a bedroom apartment in the country is 92 thousand 169.

7. Bahamas- 73.63: Like many island states, Bahamas are basically import dependent. As a result, the living conditions are very expensive.

8. United Arab Emirates – 68.39: Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, famed for wealthy and famous, are notorious for expensiveness.


9. Qatar- 68.06: The country imports high skilled workers from abroad. But living expenses are expensive because expatriate workers can not take too much money in their own country.

10. Luxembourg- 64.18: One of the richest countries in the world, living in this country is quite expensive.

11. IS Virgin Islands – 62.56: The country is beautiful but expensive to look at. It’s more expensive than its parent state.

12. Australia – 62.39: Most export items are imported without the irony of the country’s largest export commodity. That’s why the cost of living is so much that the cost of the country is so much.

13. Denmark- 60.01: At a personal level, Denmark is one of Europe’s most indebted countries. Each home loan has 265% of their income. This is likely due to the high cost of living in the country.

14. Ireland- 59.56: A large number of Britishers leaving Britain to leave the European Union to apply for accession to Ireland. But they will go to a more expensive country than themselves.

15. United States- 58.59: Large cities like New York and Los Angeles are quite expensive But the livelihood of rural areas is very cheap.

16. New Zealand- 58.26: The import-dependent country is a very expensive place to live in New Zealand.

17. Japan- 57.62: Recently Japan’s economy has become somewhat barren. But the country is still one of the world’s economic powers.

18. Kuwait – 57.31: One of the most powerful coins in the world of Kuwaiti Dinar Dinar. One Diner of Kuwait is equal to 263 rupees in Bangladesh.

19. Israel – 54.11: Israel is a little more expensive than other Middle East countries like Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

20. Italy- 53.89: European Union’s Largest Two Economies The cost of living in Italy is more expensive than Germany and France.

21. Ghana – 53.89: The cost of living in Ghana is much higher than any African country.


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