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Replications of best practices in socio economic development stressed

Replications of best practices in socio economic development stressed

Development specialists have discovered that replications of best practices in socio-economic development within the countries of South can contribute to the eudaimonia of the folks within the region.

Speaking at a consultation within the capital, they more additional that the cooperation can promote their self-sufficiency and therefore the attainment of internationally united development agendas together with the property Development Goals.

The consultation program was unionized by the Economic Relations Division (ERD) with the help of UNDP supported data for Development Management (K4DM) Project, at the inflammatory disease room in the capital of Bangladesh on a weekday, in step with a release.

Presenting the findings of the study on ‘South-South and Triangular Cooperation: A Study of Best Practices’, A K Momen, former Permanent Representative of Asian nation to international organisation mentioned that, recent developments in South-South cooperation have taken the shape of inflated volume of South-South trade, South -South flows of foreign direct investment, movement towards regional integration, technology transfer, sharing of solutions and experience and alternative variety of exchanges.

He additionally additional that South-South Cooperation is often a complement to North-South Tripartite cooperation “probably a chance for South-South One probably North Triangular cooperation for a win-win scenario,” he added.

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Replications of best practices in socio economic development stressed

ERD secretary Kazi Shofiqul Azam attended the program because of the chief guest, whereas Shamima Nargis, further secretary (UN Wing) in ERD and additionally the National Project Director of K4DM Project, chaired the session.

Among others, Sudipto Mukherjee, UNDP Country Director, and Syeda Rozana Rashid, an academician in peacekeeping at the capital of Bangladesh University and Mahfuz Kabir, a supervisor at BIISS created remarks on the study findings.

In the study, Momen known forty eight best practices of Asian nation and alternative countries that square measure replicable, innovative and prosperous approaches developed by government, non-public sectors and NGOs within the space of poorness reduction, energy security, care management, academic accomplishment, money inclusion, digital application, digital banking and Remi tent.

He underscored the requirement for internal and external resource mobilization for achieving the SDGs and South-South Cooperation will play an important role in this space.

The consultation projected institution of the Forum for South-South Countries to facilitate discussion, dialogue and explore replicable practices for the great of South-South Cooperation and to attain the event goals.

ERD secretary Kazi ShofiqulAzam aforesaid that Official Development help (ODA) is showing a decreasing trend in recent past within the face of assorted socio-economic realities across the countries.

“In such a state of affairs, southern countries, together with the Asian nation, have to be compelled to explore new, innovative ways in which of development by fostering cooperation among countries with similar socioeconomic footing. this may alter them to develop a partnership of cooperation and profit.”

South Focal points from totally different ministries and divisions, academicians and representatives from government and non-government analysis organizations tool half within the consultation.


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Replications of best practices in socio economic development stressed

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