How to post 360-degree pictures on Facebook.

How to post 360-degree pictures on Facebook.

Facebook gives users the opportunity to post 360-degree pictures at the beginning of the year. With this picture, users will see high, low, front and rear sides of a scene. 360-degree photo special 360 camera or iPhone or Samsung galaxy series phones to carry panorama. This kind of photos can be taken on Android devices through Street View and Google Camera.
Most users do not try to post 360-degree photos on Facebook. But if you take a picture using any of the following tools, 360-degree pictures will be as simple as posting a general picture post. Here’s a guideline on how to post 360-degree photos on Facebook:

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For the Web:
• Click on the Photo / Video tab from the Timeline News Feed section.
• Select picture.
• Share with a specific friend.
• View and drag the image by clicking

Smartphones Option:

Tap on the ‘WhatsApp on Your Mind’ box on the timeline or news feed section.
• Select photos by selecting the photo/video option.
• Share with specific friends.
• See the picture by moving the fingers.
• You can see a full screen view by tapping the picture if you want.

Currently, Facebook allows posting only 360-degree photos at a time. Moreover, it can not be a profile picture. This is different from Facebook’s 360-video. There is a need for special set cameras to hold these videos.


How to post 360-degree pictures on Facebook.

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