No Mosquitoes! Google-Microsoft are allocated to destroy Mosquito breeding.

No Mosquitoes! Google and Microsoft are allocated to destroy Mosquito breeding. Weapon of Mosquito Destruction (WMD).

The Mosquito-borne disease is a major problem. Day-to-day diseases of mosquito-borne diseases are rising around the world. In the summer and rainy season, the incidence of these mosquito-borne diseases increases a lot. It is not always dumbfounded in the mind. Or Chikungunya! And now one more worry on the head. Zika Virus World has already found several thousands of people in some places. The process of identifying these diseases is very complicated and it is very difficult to identify these diseases. The reason is that it takes 24 hours to reduce the dengue or Chikungunya or Zika Virus in someone’s body or to get the report.
The Zika Virus spreads through the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. The virus has a direct negative impact on the pregnancy. Many organizations around the world have taken initiative to make common people aware of various diseases including Aedes, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika. This year, the name of the world’s two leading technology companies Microsoft Corporation and Google. It is known that these two organizations will work jointly to eliminate mosquito breeding. It’s called ” Weapon of Mosquito Destruction (WMD)”
According to a report published in an international media, on July 12, Microsoft, Google, and California Life Sciences organization Verrilli signed an agreement. Using high-tech automation and robotics, these organizations will take preventive measures to prevent other mosquito-borne diseases. For the time being, they are conducting high-tech instruments in jointly with public health officials in a number of states of the United States.

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It is reported in the report that the Zika Virus spreads through the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. This virus has a direct impact on the child of the pregnancy. Although this disease does not cause panic for everyone else, it does severe harm to pregnant mothers and children. The virus-borne disease spread through the mosquito of Aedes. To get rid of this, Microsoft is conducting 10 modern mesh tests in Houston and Harris County, Texas. This nets will be stuck in a Zika Virus adhesive mosquito.
Microsoft engineer Ethan Jackson, the maker of the device, said 85 percent of the detection of mosquito-infected mosquitoes with 85 percent accuracy was found to be a perfect trap in Houston. Jackson said the netting of these mosquito nets would cost $ 100.

No Mosquitoes! Weapon of Mosquito Destruction (WMD) Google and Microsoft are allocated to destroy Mosquito breeding.

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