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“New 30-day rules about the Upwork and some things”

“New 30-day rules about the Upwork and some things”

The new system of the work “If there is no income in the account for more than 30 days, the profile will become private.” And this system has been effective since June 1. Not from June 30 or July 1st. Let’s say a little later.

First, you need to know what is meant by public and private?

Public: You can apply for all jobs. Any client can invite you or offer you direct offers. That means that if you do not apply the application, the client can search your profile and find out. So there is the possibility of getting a job without applying.

Private: You can apply for all jobs. But without the exception, a client can not see your profile, that means you will not get an invitation. You have to get work done by applying.

There are many freelancers, whose profiles themselves are private, you can do it. Going to the setting. It’s a normal matter. Many people do so when there is a lot of work to do so that no invitation comes.

A new system of Upwork:

I you do not earn more than 30 days, then your profile will become private. As a result, you will not get any invitations. If a freelancer search for sending a client invitation, then he will not find you. Only those who have a regular income, which is active, will get invitations.

And this calculation will be every day. This is not the 1st date of every month. Suppose your last income is 10th of this month. Then there was no other income, 30 days passed. Then your profile will become automatically private on the 11th of next month.

1st June From that day onwards, 30 days, or 30th of June, whose profiles will not get any income, their profiles will become private on 1st July. That is, the system is already running. But there is no reason to worry, you can apply for any job at any time. And on the day you earn again, the option to publicize the profile will unlock. This is a bit like a computer’s slip mode. If 30 minutes are set, then 30 minutes if the computer does not work, the screen moves to the slip mode. If you move the mouse then it is turned on again.

That is, the subject has been compared with the movement of the mouse. I hope the matter is clear.

Profiles are always the way to keep public:

(A). Advertising Plus Plus Membership for All Time Public So those who do it have no idea. And those who do not have it, they can take it. Then there will always be public, whether there will be income or not. ($ 10 charged per month)

(B).  Pantana Clients can ask for work with the message. If there is less transaction all the time the profile will not be private.

(C). You can try to get new work through the API. If you get a job and get paid, you can make the profile public again.

(D). If there is no activity within 30 days due to an emergency, such as serious illness, travel, academic test/exam. In this case, your profile can be made public if you contact the appropriate evidence.
This rule does not apply to:

(E).Those who are at the Plus Membership.

(F).Those new people, who have no income till now.
Who’s new to the new, there’s a little pitch for them again. Upgrades to build newers’ carrier for 50 days And it’s time enough. Within 50 days you will get work and start earning. This rule will apply to you after 50 days of work has been completed within 50 days. Even if you do not have income, this rule will be effective after 50 days or your account may be suspended if you have 60 days of additional bid. It should be a bit clearer why the accounts of the new accounts are suspended. Because you could not use “power play”. So play with the ball to understand it. Do not go for a look at the ball. Catch out or bowl too. (Bidr: I do not see a lot of cricket, I’m not far away from sports.)

Why did the Upwork such a system?

For three reasons:

  1. Some people started taking out payments from the outside after some time getting hired. You do not have enough of their activity. Therefore, they are not outside of the system that is mainly meant to keep your server active, and it is a purpose of the system to force them to take payment through the Upwork.
  2. Clients always find active freelancers with search. This means that the clients can be satisfied with both freelancers and marketplace, so make the system.
  3. For those who do not get regular jobs, they start taking more membership in the group (this is an unwritten reason).

Many are not happy with the rules of the work. Especially those who are new But the interesting thing is that it does not apply to the newcomers that I said a while ago. But yes, those who have just started to build a career, that is, sometimes getting Upwork, they are a little worried. There is no reason to worry. 30 days a lot (4 weeks). During this time you can not earn at least one job or a dollar? I think I should get it. If you do not get it, then there is a shortage of your communication or bid system. Find out where is the deficit.

Every tough rule carries good things. The results of which are not available at the time, but in the future. The interview does not want anyone or me or clients to be bad. Because the profits they have been given here are the same. So to make the market clear and upright and to increase the rate of professionalism, the work will be done so that. And that would be good for us, if we were good.
Are we really good?

1 lakh 13 thousand people in our country Of whom 1 lakh unpredictable (excitement freelancer). Do not think invincible Statistics say. I mentioned the statistics only. And as this excitement increases freelancer, the law of the Upwork will be as hard as it can be.

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