Security of writing an email otherwise may be in danger!

Security of writing an email otherwise may be in danger!

Keep these words in mind when writing an email, otherwise, you may be in danger!

Whether a job application is an emergency holiday, no official work, no email, no speed. Apart from the official matter, sending email for different personal reasons is necessary every now and then. But do you know that not just the language of sending email is not all? There are several things to be careful about when writing an email. If not, then there could be a danger. The email that you are sending may not be fulfilled. Now, look at some issues to keep in mind when writing your email –

1. Do not write unnecessary ‘urgent’ or ‘arguments’ on the subject – if it is not necessary to write such words ’emergency’ or ‘agent’ in an email, then it is better to write. Many people do this to attract the recipient. But sometimes you can get disturbed by the recipient when you see ‘Agent’ repeatedly. He will not take seriously the fact that he does not really have the required mail.

2. Relevant to ‘Subject’ – When writing ‘Subject’ of the email, think that you are giving a ‘title’ to the following statement. Seeing the topic, the recipient will be interested in opening the mail. Note that many people are reluctant to write Subject. But the danger will increase. Writing ‘Subject’ is a big mistake. Because the emails that are not written in the subject may go to the spam box stuck in the spam filter.

3. Take precautions to give CC and BCC: Many people keep CC or BCC while sending mail. If the ‘CC’ or ‘carbon copy’ is sent, all of the recipients can see who gets this mail. However, sending ‘BCC’ or ‘Blind Carbon Copy’, no one can see who else was sent to this letter. Use caution when using two. Keep your mind focused on the privacy of BCC.

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4. Do not send official mail in the middle of the night: Many are annoyed when sending an official email at midnight. There is a bad idea about email sender. It can affect your career. Try to mail at other times of the day.



Security of writing an email otherwise may be in danger!

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