It is surrender to fundamentalists

It is surrender to fundamentalists

Administering Awami League’s partner and a piece of the coalition government, Workers Party today hit back strongly at the evacuation of the statue of Lady Justice from Supreme Court premises.

“Expulsion of the figure is an improper surrender to the fundamentalists,” the gathering which cases to be a left-inclining party, said in an announcement issued this evening.

“Tragically, the verbal confrontation has been occupied to form versus statue. In reality, this does not have any connection to religion. This reactionary stride is deplorable for the country,” the announcement read.

The announcement from Workers’ Party comes when the online networking is being overwhelmed over this issue, and close by, Islamists are requesting evacuation of the considerable number of statues crosswise over Bangladesh.

The statue of Lady Justice was brought down in the late hours of the previous evening, a month after Islamist gather Hefazat-e-Islam requested its expulsion from the Supreme Court premises.

Prior on April 11, Prime Minister Sheik Hasina at a meeting with the Alem and Ulema from Qawmi madrasas said she by and by disliked the statue on the SC premises either.

Later on April 17, Hasina revealed to her bureau associates that she had requested that the CJ either expel the statue or reinstall it at somewhere else with the goal that it can’t be seen from the National Eidgah.

The evacuation started an influx of dissent in the online networking. At the beginning of today, challenges broke out at Dhaka University, where police utilized poisonous gas shells and water guns to control dissidents.

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