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Increase security of Facebook profile pictures

Increase security of Facebook profile pictures

In the era of modern globalization, social media has gained huge popularity. We have a lot to learn and learn from this popular social network.The sensational incidents of the world on the other side are currently available on Facebook. Facebook’s popularity has gained popularity in recent times, may have never imagined Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.Technology has two positive and negative aspects. Note the untouchability of social media. Which is considered as negative aspects? Posting any pictures, feelings, and events through this social media without posting any status in the status of status.In the era of technology, when one learns about the person’s attitude and personality, then there is nothing left to know about his social media profile. How to distribute if you do not acquire knowledge?
Social media Facebook profile pictures often cause problems. Especially some unscrupulous people misuse the profile of women. For this, most of the girls ask for extra security in their profile picture.
So that other user, especially strangers, can not use their pictures anywhere. Considering this, Facebook authorities are checking the security features for the profile photo.Facebook has announced the launch of this experimental activity in India on Wednesday. Where the safety of the profile photo will be increased using the new tool. As a result, users who are quite aware of this, can take down their pictures and refrain from using other users.Apart from tagging any other person in a person’s profile picture can also be avoided. Even in some cases, the profile can not take screen screenshots. However, this feature will be available primarily for Android applications.
When the security profile in the profile picture is turned on, the blue border appears around the image and a blue shield will appear in the bottom. To make this issue more interesting, Facebook has signed an Indian Illustrator.When testing this new facility, it is seen that, when a profile picture contains a security mark, approximately 75 percent of people do not like to take the photo down or share it elsewhere.

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