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Google record amount fine to face.

Google record amount fine to face.

Search giant Google is going to face the European Union’s record number of charges against shopping search results and showing immorality at the top of their products search results.

In the next few weeks, the European Union can declare the penalties for the fines, the Wall Street Journal said. The speculation has already started speculating about the number of fines.But the amount of fine that is supposed to be possible, none of them is small numbers. Analysts say that in 2009, the European Union’s fine of $ 11 million to the European Union for Intel Corporation could be higher than that of Google.

The source said that the EU could penalize Google’s annual income by at least 10 percent. Last year Google had $ 9.7 billion. Many people say the amount of the penalty can be 3 to 6 billion dollars.

However, the verdicts of Google’s headache may be the reason behind the verdict. In addition to changing the type of relationship with the search service with its own shopping service, Google may have the command to change the relationship between competing for for shopping services. In other words, Google will be banned from presenting search results in your favor.

Because of the Internet search shopping service campaign, the European Union has been accusing Google since 2010. Knowledge of the matter has already been reported to the news agency Reuters, that in the last 6 years, failing to address the matter three times, Google will no longer be protected from the European Union.

However, many Europeans are looking forward to the European Union’s verdict. The verdict will mean that Google will lose their monopoly status and they will also benefit from them. These companies have long been calling on the EU to take anti-monetary action against Google.

In 2010, the EU Competition Commission, which looked into the matter, started an investigation against Google. For the settlement of the matter, the two-year-long negotiation with Google was followed by the Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia. But due to objections from competing companies and German and French politicians, the EU rejected Google’s proposed compensation inadequate in 2014.

According to Joaquin Almunia’s rejection, his successor and current competitor commissioner Margaret Vestagara filed a formal complaint against Google in April 2015.

In the United States, the investigation started in the same complaint against Google. But Google stopped investigating after being told to bring some changes in their policies by being self-motivated.

Due to the European Union’s verdict, there will be huge changes in Internet search across Europe. Because 90 percent of Europe’s search engine is in possession of Google.

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