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Flexible display like paper Laptops bring Lenovo.

China’s technology maker Lenovo brings a flexible display laptop that can be wrapped in paper.

Recently, the new display of this laptop has been released online. According to published pictures and information, it will be Lenovo’s ThinkPad. Its display will be flexible It is now in the concept stage.

Lenovo shows photos and videos of their special laptop in an event in New York.

It has been found that the laptop will be made in Unibody Design.

Cristian Tysmann, Senior Vice President of Lenovo’s Commercial Business said, “Lenovo is going to produce a laptop that does not have any capability. This laptop can be wrapped. Its display will be flexible.

The laptop will have a full keyboard and it will support the stylish pen. There is still no information about when the laptop will be in the market.


A laptop or a notebook is a portable personal computer and a travel utility. Both laptops and notebooks were previously considered different but are not currently considered. Laptops are used for various purposes such as workplace, education and personal entertainment.

All components of the desktop computer and all inputs are combined on a laptop computer. Where only one device has an exhibition, speaker, keyboard, and touchpad or trackpad. Most laptops currently have webcam and microphone. A laptop can be used to connect directly to electricity through battery and AC adapter. The hardware differences between models of laptops, types, and production can be seen.

A Chinese multinational technology company Its headquarters in Beijing and North Carolina. It sells personal computers, pill computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, digital storage devices and clever televisions. Lenovo was the world’s second-biggest computer dealer in 2012 as a salesman. It has activities in 60 countries of the world and sells products in 160 countries.)

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