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Stephen Hawking alert Destruction has come! Quickly drop the world!

Stephen Hawking alert Destruction has come! Quickly drop the world!

Destruction is inevitable earth! Time is running fast! Moon and better humanity ‘Next Destination’!
Stephen Hawking has already warned that he would have to go away, stay alive, stay tuned.
This time you chose ‘Next Destination’ of humanity or the next ‘stop’. To stay at least 10 million years old. Moon and Mars. He chose the planetary planets ‘bye bye’ while rolling down the planets. As the Hawking, the Moon in 30 years and in the next 50 years, the ‘Red Planets’ Mars will have to build on us the next civilization. To live life, stay tuned. Regarding the memories of all the pieces of plants, other animals, genes, genomes, ameba, bacteria, algae, fungi, insects, evolution!
Protestant physicist, Cosmologist Hawking, at Stormmas Science Festival, Trondheim, Norway, said, “I am sure, there is not too much time left in our hands. This world has to go away from us. Here the place is getting very short, for our ticks. The natural resources needed to survive are running out very quickly. At an alarming rate. ”
Since ‘Nostradamus’ is not, why has he warned for civilization, Hawking said. In the logic of the scientists, in the distant vision of wisdom.
What are the reasons?
Hawking said, “It is not too late for the earth to be destroyed. Our very close to the planet (Near-Earth Object), asteroids or asteroid is going to collapse one after the other. We have built the roads to destroy this world for so long, have been going on. The climate is changing at an alarming rate for us. Increasingly anxiety jumps up and jumps ‘earth’ The two poles ice melts in an impossible rate faster. Cutting forests in order to settle down trees are ‘destroying’ plants. The ecosystem or the ecosystem is broken down. Many species of animals are lost, many species are extinct. This is not a science fiction. Science Facts or Scientific Truth That is what the laws and the laws of physics are saying. ”
History turns the way, turns the way. Finds new addresses to save civilization, have taken many times in the past.
But somewhere else in the world, this civilization will be a ‘safe’ under an ‘umbrella’, there is no such place, there is no place on this planetary planet. That’s what Hawking thinks.
In the words of Hawking, “Whenever civilization has been in crisis before existence when the place of survival has narrowed down to human civilization, it has discovered new places. Columbus invented America in this way in 1492. But there is no such place in the world, where you can go away and go away and survive this civilization. Our place here has to be small, to be completely gone. So let’s go to another Muluk Places say, at first moon. Then the ‘red planet’ Mars. The goal should be to keep the moon up to 30 years later in the next colony of civilization. Within 50 years, colonization must be developed, it will have to do with Mars. Going to those two villagers, we have to build a new eco system, with all the animals, plants, bacteria, ameba, algae, fungi and insects. ”
In addition to the Moon and Mars, Hawking has chosen another ‘Next Destination’ of humanity in this universe. Said, “That is, the closest to us, the ‘Panel’ of this solar system is to be attempted to reach us very soon, even in the Alpha Centauri-B, a planet that has the Alpha-Centauri constellation. The work will not be very difficult since that vane planet is only 4 light years away from us. Meaning, it will take only 4 years to reach Alpha Centauri B at the speed of light. If we can run a spacecraft at the speed of light, and with the help of a laser beam, then I believe, and for 20 years of age, we can reach out to one of our potential shelters, Alpha Centauri-B.
Alan Fitzsimmons, a prominent physicist who appeared at the Festival, said, “We still do not know the number of asteroids that we have to attack our neck. We are so deeply frightened. ”


Stephen Hawking alert Destruction has come! Quickly drop the world!

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