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China is new opportunity to Globalization.

China is new opportunity to Globalization.

While America is shutting down the window of globalization, China is doing the opposite work. Having vacated the commitment to the rest of the world, the vacuum has started to fill China automatically.China is doing humanitarian duty to save the rest of the world, not just that. The country is taking responsibility for its own needs. America’s only goal under the leadership of Trump is to increase the enjoyment of the people. Spend all their resources for the happiness of their own people. They feel free from any commitment to the rest of the world. As a final result, they withdrew from the World Climate Agreement.Earlier, they have withdrawn themselves from the Trans Pacific Agreement. The United States has expressed its reluctance to provide funds to international organizations including the United Nations.

It is understood from the interest of the size of their economy and the desire to move forward in front of China for the next world. China’s national production as the International Monetary Fund 11.4 trillion dollars.At the same time, India’s national income as its 2.35 trillion dollars. China’s per capita national production is 8,606 dollars India’s per capita income reaches one thousand 700 dollars.

China’s economy is five times larger than India. Although the economy of the two countries is not comparable, the two countries are comparable to the population. China’s population is 137 crores, India’s 134 crores According to the experts, if China has to deal with China, then India will have to grow at more than 30 percent. India’s growth is 6 percent or 7 percent. The increase in the current two countries, it will take 127 years to surpass China. That is why China’s economy must be stagnant on one hand, on the other hand India’s economy will gradually be in high growth trend. The reality is not so.

The new era of economics opens up to the possibility of a new era of Chinese development. The words are said to be that the population is becoming a factor in the control of the world.India is also regarded as a strong player. The country is unable to utilize its potential soon due to internal instability. The country’s state power is now a communal group.After Modi, all those who are winning elections in different states are using religion. They just want to recognize Hinduism. But more than 20 percent of the people in the country are not of Hinduism.

As a result, they are not thinking of using the whole of the population. For this, there is an internal crisis of economic development instead of a headache. In this situation, they can not afford the opportunity to make 134 crore population into assets. China, on the other hand, has already used its population power very well. The victory of the trump is the conquest of America’s protective communal thoughts. Before that China Road and Belt Initiative has introduced new globalization. The main function of this initiative is to build the largest infrastructure development project.

Road Initiative is connecting 65 countries. About 60 percent of the population lives in this project area. One-third of the global economy is in this region. Through this project, China has taken an initiative to promote an ambitious economic plan.Its first episode is to create a connection through establishing communication system. Bringing Eurasia to intimate communication framework opens their financial possibilities. Strengthening social cultural bonds. Which will create a comprehensive platform for peaceful coexistence. Africa will be integrated through it.India’s position is not positive for Road Initiative. The country’s outlook on this issue is mainly revolving around Pakistan. In a recent visit to Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned about this.

Although his frustration with the Road Initiative was that he tried to answer the question trickly, he could not really hide his discomfort in the big project. He responded by adding Russia especially Putin.Russia is one of the partners of the Chinese project Extensive investment and communication opportunities will also be available in the Russian home. Modi claims that Russia has long been a trusted friend of India. President Putin is involved in this project, so India will cooperate with it. The only reason for Indian support in the project is Putin. Previously, India was accused of not feeling dignified about China’s sovereignty against China.

The Pakistan side of Kashmir went to Silk Road. The road connects Gwadar port. India claims that the area is controversial. According to them, China can not take the road from the conflict zone to the project. He is now speaking differently in Russia.Bangladesh got importance in the Road Initiative. China has promised a big investment in the country earlier. President Shie has pledged $ 24 billion loans to flexible interest during the visit last year.

In addition, a $ 13 billion Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Chinese company. A major change in socioeconomic status will start when the implementation of flexible loan programs under the implementation of 27 development projects.

If these are implemented ultimately, the widespread development will be visible in the country. The pace that the economy will get in the middle-income country will get accelerated on its way. But in reality, this progress is not visible as it is.Interesting Chinese projects have lowered. It seems as if Bangladesh could not give importance to the promised Mega project with China.

The world’s big powers responded to China’s call to the Road Initiative Conference. Although the United States showed interest, they also participated in the conference. The European Union also had an important participation in the conference. The heads of states of major countries like Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan took part in it.There were headquarters of Pakistan and Sri Lankan princes in the subcontinent. Nepal also had strong participation. There was no interest from Bangladesh. Although China has offered more investment in Bangladesh in this region than after Pakistan Bangladesh has lost some importance to China in the conference due to perhaps being hesitant.

In particular, Bangladesh has more importance for intimate communication with India, Myanmar Thailand. More important than this, for the greater hangover of communication between Bangladesh through the sea. China plans to invest $ 800 billion in this project in the next five years. The seaport in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the high-speed railway in East Africa, the construction of gas pipeline from Central Asia will be spent.It’s the biggest investment in the world on behalf of a single country. Land and waterways have been chosen to build infrastructure for increasing trade. The old silk road will be renovated and will enter Europe in the Middle East as well as Central Asia. Connecting to Southeast Asia and Africa by sea.

This project will come in two-way work to turn the internal growth sluggish and simultaneously increase the international impact of China. The gap in global communication will also be met. Support will be increased in developing countries through this. Increase trade and increase the income of the investors.In the background of this thought, China’s huge development for three decades. Where the country’s development momentum started to slow down They want to retain the developmental pace by reaching out the vast resources of the borders.

Perhaps the Chinese have been stagnant in the boundaries of development that China probably wants to learn from there. They want to take advantage of the economic prospects of the poor and developing countries to develop themselves further. The place where the West failed and returned to the country again. Now in those countries, narrow nationalism emerges.The popularity of the nationalist parties is increasing. The demand for preservation of their own resources is increasing. The negative trend of globalization has arisen in those countries.

China was once self-conscious within themselves. The state decision was against the creation of a very close relationship with the outside world.They adopted the policy of developing themselves by saving themselves. That country is now adopting the Western policy. On the other hand, the West is moving away from their own policies. If China’s strategy is to implement huge investments, then the purchasing power of the people will increase in those countries.China’s supply of surplus purchasing power to China will supply China’s huge product goods. That is, China will take advantage of surplus demand Win Win Position The crops will grow in both the countries. China has the largest foreign exchange reserves. They want to bring this surplus money through their own development process. They have three trillion dollars foreign currency.

Former EU diplomat Charles Perton who has done research on Road Initiative. According to him, this large project is China’s internal policy. Geo-strategies have been linked to it. This is not a foreign policy. The project is being promoted to give the opportunity to the domestic company. Expansion of the project from high-speed rail to telecom sector. They want to enhance the global experience, wants to be the Global Brand.Patton also said that their next step is to make the Chinese company more competent in global competition, so that they can learn management techniques. In the coming days, it is a preparation for the Chinese leadership to take the leadership of Europe and America left.

Initially its economic and commercial aspects are visible. But if you do not adopt this policy of Western rule, then divide it, it can be a better version of globalization of the West.This project shows how China and its clients create opportunities for the state to understand from the figures. From 2013 to 2016, the Chinese project has invested 60 billion dollars.This resulted in the employment of 1.48 million people. In the countries where the project is going on, they gave the text to the local governments for $ 110 million. China plans to invest 600 to 800 billion dollars in the next 5 years.Nang Zi, Vice Chairman of National Development Bank, will invest $ 120 to $ 130 billion per year, according to the Chinese magazine Global Times. It will be a major driver of the global economy. This project will continue to accelerate the global opening of the world economy by open trade and investment.

China has opened the doors to the world and has given it a chance for the rest of the world. Those who come forward and want to take advantage of this, they will be benefited. Bangladesh is an important partner of this project due to geographical reasons.Bangladesh’s economic social and military relations with China are deep. After the visit, the Chinese President announced a major development cooperation and took him forward. Now Bangladesh’s turn, to respond well. There should be no compulsion in this regard.

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