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Bluetooth 5 – There will be a lot of advantages over the previous Bluetooth 4 version

Bluetooth 5 – There will be a lot of advantages over the previous Bluetooth 4 version

We know Bluetooth is a short distance to any data-sharing wireless technology. This wireless technology has been with us for almost 20 years. Earlier, we used Bluetooth on one phone from another phone to transfer music, games and other data. Time has changed Wifi technology; Data transfer in mobile or equivalent devices has taken the job of “share” and equivalent applications. Still, the demand for Bluetooth did not fall; The new horizons come in the use of Bluetooth, due to some wireless gadgets. A great example of Bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth speaker. Apart from the Bluetooth mouse/keyboard, these gadgets and devices; Turns Bluetooth to an essential technology Ericsson first discovered this technology in 1994; For mobile data transfer between mobile devices. But since 1998, Bluetooth is operating and developing the technology; Bluetooth Special Interest Group [Bluetooth SIG, inc] / [Bluetooth SIC, Incorporation].

The Bluetooth SIG has recently announced a new version of Bluetooth. It will be the Bluetooth 5 Wireless Standard. This Bluetooth 5 comes with many improvisions or improvements; The most comprehensive technology is friendly. In this article, we are exploring all these information on Bluetooth 5.
Bluetooth’s latest major version was the Bluetooth v4.0; Which was released in 2011. Then another update comes in 2014, which was in Bluetooth v4.2. The new specification of Bluetooth 5 [bluetooth sig] is given by It also got consent from [Bluetooth SIG] 30 thousand member companies.

New Bluetooth 5:
• The devices will be connected more than several times. Smart fridge, Bluetooth speaker, smart AC, these devices will be easily controlled, more easily; Making a house through Bluetooth 5 will make it even smarter
• Connected devices will be able to cross data faster. Wireable devices such as: Smart Watch with Smartphone ties will be more beautiful; More difficult
• The device can be switched on to Bluetooth; Because 2.5 times more battery cost savings.
• To buy this Bluetooth 5 device, buy a new Bluetooth device with Bluetooth 5; It can not be used on any device currently.

4 times higher ranges:
Range or range of Bluetooth 5’s biggest improvement. We know those who have used it so long; This is effective until a little distance. But the range of Bluetooth has now been increased 4x. New wireless means theoretically it will support the distance of 300 meters or 1000 feet. But in the real world it will not be so much. We’ve seen home side – Bluetooth at work 4.2 [10-15 meters] has worked up to the distance. As we can imagine, Bluetooth 5 will work easily at up to [50-60 meters] long distance. From this, the general use of Bluetooth will be much better than before. For example: to play games on your phone in the Bluetooth speaker; You can listen to the song better.

Double transfer speed:
Wireless devices like Bluetooth speed is very important for a smartwatch. Now if you have a smartwatch with your phone it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Now you can take a picture or record a video in that watch; If you want to sync to your phone; This Bluetooth is to be used. So here are the advantages; As data crossing slid So far, the maximum data crossing speed of Bleutut 4.0 or 4.2 was 1 Mbps. As crossing speed has doubled; So the maximum speed is 2 Mbps. Music Playing will see a new horizon in this case.
That is why it can cross data more than before. So the data/data crossing bandwidth on Bluetooth 5 has been further enhanced.

Two and a half times the battery is affordable
We had the idea that for a long time; It’s Bluetooth left on and the battery is running out soon. However, this idea [Tech Myth] is no longer true on the arrival of Bluetooth 5. This is less by its low power (BLE) module; Power saving is emerging Bluetooth smart Bluetooth 4.2 from the battery; BlueTooth 5 will cost 2.5 times less battery

New Hardware Requirements for Bluetooth 5:
These huge changes; Unfortunately, you can not use them on your current device. Bluetooth 5 is compatible with earlier versions. So Bluetooth 5 devices can still be connected to the Bluetooth 4 device; But data transfer, communication distance will be the same as before. All the benefits of Bluetooth 5 are available only in the two Bluetooth 5 devices. Bluetooth 4 chip in your speaker or phone – can not be updated on Bluetooth 5. That’s why built-in new Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth 5 have to be used. The new Bluetooth 5 has already been used on the Galaxy S8. In this way, this new wireless technology will come in gradually on all budget devices.


Bluetooth 5 – There will be a lot of advantages over the previous Bluetooth 4 version

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