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Apple paid Nokia $2 billion to flee fight over previous patents

Apple paid Nokia $2 billion to flee fight over previous patents

Apple’s latest patent spat with Nokia resulted during a $2 billion up-front payment from the iPhone maker, a huge total that appears to point Apple was desperate to avoid a prolonged and ugly dispute that might rival the one it had with Samsung. The new details of the settlement, that was 1st declared back in might while not the speech act of a money quantity or the new licensing terms, were noticed in Nokia’s second quarter earnings unharness by the diary Nokiamob.

“We got a considerable direct money payment of €1.7 billion from Apple, strengthening additional our money position. As aforementioned earlier, our plans are to produce additional details on the meant use of money in conjunction with our q3 income,” reads the respectable transcript of Nokia’s quarterly earnings decision with buyers the day prior to this. Neither Nokia nor apple have disclosed the terms of the new licensing deal, together with whether or not it involves revenant payments or what percentage years it’ll be in situ.

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Apple seemingly wished to avoid an unsightly and prolonged legal dispute. The legal proceeding, the second high-profile patent dispute between Apple and Nokia within the last decade, began last year once Nokia suspect Apple of infringing on dozens of patents it owns, yet as patients closely-held by Nokia subsidiaries. Given Nokia’s storied history within the phone market, several smartphone manufacturers license the company’s patents for everything from show technology to antenna style. Apple has had a licensing contend with Nokia in situ since 2011 when the 2 settled their last patent dispute. however, Apple reportedly failed to need to sign a brand new deal and suspect Nokia of seeking unfair terms.

After Nokia filed suit in multiple countries, Apple went when the patent entities that were suing for additional settlement ANd royalty cash on Nokia’s behalf with an just suit. That prompted Nokia to sue Apple directly. The dispute got ugly, with Apple in brief actuation Nokia-owned Withings’ merchandise from its online store and from Apple Stores worldwide.

The two settled in would possibly, inserting new licensing terms and agreeing to a joint effort to explore. we’ve got a bent to do not have to be compelled to seem at what Nokia goes to undertake and do presently and work with $ 2 billion in cash institutions. For Apple, however, it’s possibly not aiming to hurt its bottom line: the iPhone maker reported earlier this year that it’s over a quarter-trillion bucks in cash and investments, heaps of it sitting outside the U.S. as a results of it cannot presently be repatriated whereas not paying what Apple sees as unfavorable company taxes.


Source: The Verge

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